About Us

Born 9 years ago in a colonial style bungalow, Green Theory is an eclectic cafe / restaurant that serves a global cuisine with delicacies for every taste. 

Through trials and shared jubilant moments, we have grown into a tight knit community. The word “community” is embedded deep into our ethos and has allowed us to evolve from a café / restaurant into a flourishing eco-system of local businesses and passions!

As a restaurant, Green Theory is a vegetarian space that loves to experiment with food and play with flavour. With limited edition menus, we curate seasonal dishes that are beautiful amalgamations of sweet & savoury. Vegans & Jains too are spoilt for choice here as we have an array of options for them to pick from.

In accordance with our name, nature significantly impacts our food, ambience and brand identity. All our produce is procured locally from farmers and small vendors, contributing to a hyperlocal method of functioning that promotes all around growth.

Within the muted toned, mud covered walls of Green Theory, you will find other businesses and dreams nestled in — making our space the community it is! 

Let us introduce you to a few of them. Click to read more about them. 
GroundUp Coffee Danta Herbs
Local Ferment Co. Anurita Chandrappa Makeup Studio
KASSA Purple Rings
Bakehouse Experiences by Paré


About the Founder

Bikash Parik is the founder of Green Theory Ventures - a cafe, bakehouse and community. He insists on the word community because his belief system and philosophy stems from collaboration. Being a social media aficionado, he launched a consultancy and hospitality solutions company, providing social media management, menu and kitchen planning services to multiple brands in 2016.

His love for community and café culture was poured into the development of Cafes of India. A virtual space that promotes and documents the many cultural aesthetics of cafes big and small across the country. This page has organically grown into a curation of the thriving cafe culture and its diverse expressions in India.